Homemade Baby Food Books

Top 100 Baby Purees: 100 Quick and Easy Meals for a Healthy and Happy Baby by Annabel Karmel (Hardcover – Mar 21, 2006)

Babies grow more rapidly in their first year than at any other time in their lives, so how you feed your newborn will be one of the most important decisions you make for your new baby.

Making your own baby food is not only more economical than buying commercial brands, it also assures that your child consumes only the freshest, top-quality ingredients. British television personality and children’s nutrition expert Annabel Karmel’s essential collection of best-ever purees grants new parents their wish: one hundred quick and easy recipes that will make for a healthy and happy baby. From first tastes and weaning, right through to meals for older babies, all the recipes are suitable for children aged six months and older. And with all these fruit and vegetable favorites, and innovative fish, meat, and chicken purees, the dishes are so tasty you will want to eat them yourself!

Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron (Paperback – Jun 1998)

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you should know about feeding your baby and toddler from beginning solid foods through age three years. How and when to start your baby on solid foods, with detailed information on the best and safest high chair, spoons, bibs, and other feeding equipment.

Which foods to introduce to your baby during each month of his first year, with details on proper food consistency, amount, and temperature. How much you can expect your baby to eat and drink during the months of her first year with information on her digestive system at each age. Interesting details on your baby’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological development as it applies to self-feeding and mealtimes; how you can increase your baby’s or toddler’s self-esteem and self-confidence during mealtimes.

Cooking for Baby: Wholesome, Homemade, Delicious Foods for 6 to 18 Months by Lisa Barnes (Hardcover – Feb 3, 2009)

Parents today know that one of the best ways to give a baby a great start in life is with wholesome, homemade foods.

While ready-made baby food is a convenience that any new parent can appreciate, feeding everyday fresh foods is the best way to teach a child healthy eating habits and an appreciation for good food from the cradle onward.

The 80 recipes in Cooking for Baby make preparing delicious meals for babies and toddlers a breeze, even for busy parents. The recipes are organized by age, showing how to introduce cereal grains and simple vegetable and fruit purees to your infant at 6 months, how to move on to chunkier foods by 8 or 9 months, and how to graduate to real meals for young toddlers of 12 to 18 months to enjoy along with the entire family. When you see how easy it is, with a few smart tips on preparation and storage, you’ll never go back to the jars.

The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler by Lisa Barnes (Paperback – Mar 1, 2005)

Fresh, wholesome meals that give little mouths something to smile about…

In The Petit Appetit Cookbook, mother and professional cook Lisa Barnes offers a healthy all-organic alternative to commercially processed, preservative-filled foods to help create delicious menus, nurture adventurous palates, and begin a lifetime of positive eating habits for children.


- 150+ easy, fast, child-tested recipes for ages 4 months to 4 years
- Mealtime solutions for even the most finicky eaters
- Nutritional information for each recipe
- Time-saving cooking techniques
- The right age- and stage-appropriate food choices
- How and when to introduce solids to baby’s diet
- Adapting family recipes for young children
- Recognizing signs of food allergies and intolerances

Blender Baby Food: Over 125 Recipes for Healthy Homemade Meals by Nicole Young and Nadine Day RD (Paperback – Aug 6, 2005)

Making nutritious, homemade baby food has never been so easy!

Baby food doesn’t have to come in jars, and making your own at home is not difficult. Baby food is strained, puréed or mashed adult food – just a different version of the food you prepare for yourself.

Here are three good reasons to make baby food at home: 1. Knowing what’s in it, therefore ensuring healthy and wholesome meals. 2. Tailoring the texture to your baby’s preferences. 3. Shaping baby’s tastes and helping him/her learn what fresh foods taste like.

First Meals (New Expanded Edition) by Annabel Karmel (Hardcover – Apr 19, 2004)

Completely revised, First Meals bursts with dozens of new color photographs and more than 200 recipes to entice even the fussiest baby or toddler. This classic cookbook covers the essentials-from flavorful first purées, winning lunchbox combos and easy-to-make family meals to finger-licking picnic and party noshes-while delighting the eye and providing hardworking information on nutrition, preparation and cooking times, freezing instructions, and tips on how to handle food allergies, additives, and tricky eaters.

“For help from an expert, try First Meals, a beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow guide to cooking for kids up to the age of 5.” NEWSWEEK

“Annabel Karmel’s First Meals may be the perfect new-mom gift…” TIME

The Everything Organic Cooking for Baby and Toddler Book: 300 naturally delicious recipes to get your child off to a healthy start (Everything Series) by Kim Lutz and Megan Hart (Paperback – Nov 17, 2008)

Parents want the best for their children, starting with what they eat. This book includes both information and recipes so readers can educate themselves about organics and prepare all-natural meals for their children. Readers will discover how to know if foods are really organic, prepare natural baby and toddler meals at home, grow their own organic produce, make delicious dishes like Apple and Carrot Mash and Potato-Crusted Vegetable Quiche, and more! This book gives readers all the tools and know-how they need to shop economically, find the best organic foods, and prepare the perfect meals for their little ones.

HappyBaby: The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 Months by Robert W. Sears (Paperback – Sep 1, 2009)

A healthy baby is a HAPPYBABY!

From the most respected names in parenting come this definitive book on child rearing the all-natural way. HappyBaby combines decades of medical expertise from Dr. Robert W. Sears, renowned doctor in the Sears family of pediatricians, with the nutritional know-how of Amy Marlow, registered dietitian for the popular HAPPYBABY line of organic baby food. Look no further than between the pages of this jam-packed guide to find answers to critically important questions in the life of your baby, such as:

  • What should I eat when nursing my baby to ensure the most nutritional feedings?
  • What simple tips can help me manage the inevitable stress that comes with a new baby in the house?
  • I’m worried about toxins in my baby’s nursery. How can I green the new room?
  • When do I introduce my child to solid foods, and how can I do it in a safe and fun way?
  • How can I develop healthy eating habits in my children?

This groundbreaking book offers a proactive, harmonious approach to parenting that’s easier, greener, and just plain better for your precious infant or toddler.

The Baby Food Bible: A Complete Guide to Feeding Your Child, from Infancy On by Eileen Behan (Paperback – Jul 29, 2008)


Unhealthy food is everywhere–colorfully packaged, cheap, and full of fat, calories, and sodium. It’s no wonder childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the last thirty years. As a result, by the time most people reach adulthood, they’re already wired to overeat.

Family nutrition expert Eileen Behan posits that good nutrition and good eating habits start on day one. The Baby Food Bible features a guide to more than 100 foods recommended for infants and toddlers based on the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, tells parents when to introduce these foods into a child’s diet, and emphasizes the importance of setting healthy eating routines that center on family meals at the dining room table–the perfect time to build good habits.

Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook by Lizzie Vann and Daphne Razazan (Paperback – Apr 25, 2001)

The organic revolution is upon us — let these fresh, modern, and inspiring sourcebooks be your guide.

Fresh, additive-free natural foods are essential for the healthy development of all children. Now every parent can prepare tasty and nutritious meals with the Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook. Why Choose Organic Food? Babies in the womb and young children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides, additives, and genetically modified ingredients in food. Lizzie Vann, founder of Baby Organix in the UK, a pioneering organic babyfood company, explains how to avoid these dangerous elements, including helpful tips on deciphering food labels and identifying the most harmful additives to avoid. She also gives advice on where to shop for organic products and what organic staples to buy. Easy and quick recipes and menu plans are carefully adapted for each stage of your child’s development. Each section outlines essential superfoods for each age stage and provides appetizing recipes for healthy, satisfying meals. From fruit purees for our baby to healthy snacks and independent food choices for the toddler, there is food here that the whole family will enjoy. Advice for vegetarians and children with special dietary needs is also featured. Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook explains the benefits of organic food for you, your child, and for the environment.

7 Responses to Homemade Baby Food Books

  1. nik from seed bank says:

    Thanks for all the great suggestions in links and your very informative article. Our household has a very healthy diet. We grow our own produce and stay away from anything non-organic. Since we’re thinking about having a baby this information is very valuable to me! It’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s health!

  2. Flora from Beluga Caviar says:

    It’s so reassuring that some people out there are writing books like this. People are getting less and less education about what is hidden in the food they can buy, and it is important to know how and when to introduce certain food groups to babies. Every mother has to be aware of the chemicals inside certain products and choose their baby food wisely because the babies and children are 100% reliant on their parents in this respect and their developing bodies can be harmed if the food they eat every day isn’t absolutely appropriate. Thank you for recommending us this book!

  3. Mary from Angel Maids Nashville says:

    Thank you for the recommendations! I am wanting to make my own baby food for our soon to be here son, but am so overwhelmed with all the information on the web. A few books are just what I need.

    • Sofia says:

      Thanks for all the baby links! They cover many different things. It’s very convenient to go to one site and find everything you need! Thanks again!

  4. Steve from panasonic toughbook 18 says:

    I wanted to try this “The Petit Appetit Cookbook” for organic recipes for kids. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jeannie from OXO Tot High Chair says:

    Super Baby Food sounds like a good one. It is so important to get a baby started off with good nutrition when they start eating food. It can make quite a difference to their health.

    “How and when to start your baby on solid foods, with detailed information on the best and safest high chair, spoons, bibs, and other feeding equipment”.

  6. Marilene says:

    Thank you so much for the information. No matter how you look at it your child always gets more nutritious food if you make it yourself. The best way I found to make it is with a food processor this one works excellent!

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