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The Time Is Right For The Kidco BabySteps Electric Food Mill

With a new baby in the house approaching six months of age, we have started to think about solid foods. With our previous two children, we simply used commercially available processed foods. This time around, we want to do something better.

Many pediatricians recommend organic foods until the age of three. During this time babies are especially susceptible to the effects of environmental toxins, due to the fact that their cells are reproducing very rapidly.

With the expense of and difficulty in obtaining commercially available organic foods, a viable alternative seems to be to make our own.

Researching products has led me to see a common comment with some inexpensive food mills, that the motor wears out after two or three uses and that they don’t make enough food at once to be useful.

A very nice system that I have found is the KidCo BabySteps Electric Food Mill.

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